Travis The Men Who - Fran on The Man Who


Only Molly Knows
"A friend of mine had a little boy called Jack, and he had a little girlfriend called Molly, and when you're really young, I think if you fancy a little girl, instead of kissing her and all, you, like, punch her and you pull her hair and you stand on her feet and he's doing all that and he's not getting anywhere with it, he's just not having any luck so I wrote this song for him to give to her when he's 20 cause I'm sure he'll need every bit of help he can get by the time he's 20."
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"'20' has a really nice narrative. It's about sitting in your English class when you're 13, staring at the ceiling and thinking about how crap it is. Then it goes to 14 and fancying a girl at school, then to 15 when your parents are shouting at you. The key lyric is 'You've forgotten how to be', which is all about how the older you get, things get a bit more complicated, and you start to lose the plot a bit."
"I wrote it when I went from 19 to 20, I was really freaked out at not being a teenager anymore."
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