Travis The Men Who - Fran on Good Feeling


All I Want To Do Is Rock
"This single and The Beatles' Help are similar! Really! Both songs start with everything coming in at once and it just gives you a fright. And they both start with the letter 'h': 'hey' and 'help'."

U16 Girls
"Nah, it was no Lolita thing. You know the line where it says, 'I met a girl in Paris...' That girl was actually a 36-year-old Japanese woman I met when I was 17, over in France for the weekend with my mum. I got the title U16 Girls because I thought it sounded like an old World War II bomber..."

Tied To The 90's
"It's like the song, 'Tied To The 90's' when I say 'We're just in a path where fashion is fast and nothing is lasting.' That's what annoys me and intrigues me about the 90's. There's so much stuff about, but take away all the shite and there'd only be about 20 bands worth listening to."