Travis The Men Who - Quotes


"We're not here to write songs, we're not here to build bridges, we're here to eat, sleep and fuck." - Fran Healy

"We can be brilliant, or the worst band in the world, but we're never boring." - Fran Healy

"We're not nice. Stick around, I can be a right cunt." - Fran Healy

"The music comes from our relationships. The important thing is not to let shite get in the way." - Andy Dunlop

"The Backstreet Boys are great. Hands up, I love 'em. You know that song 'I Want It That Way'? I fuckin' love that one." - Fran Healy

"Guitar bands, man. There is sooo much indiewank. Give it up. Don't just make angry music. Make people fuckin' feel something." - Fran Healy

"At the moment Travis aren't for the people, they're with the people." - Neil Primrose

"We've always known we're the best band. That maybe is just our opinion but what's the point of doing it if you don't think you're any good?" - Fran Healy

"We live in a junk culture. It's junk food, junk music, and junk clothing - it's all about the surface. None of it works. It looks great on the TV when it's marketed but when you get it home, it breaks within two days." - Fran Healy

"Were we stinky bastards? No, we were wuite clean, actually, and the bathroom was practically sacred. It was a really harmonious little house actually." - Dougie Payne on their shared house in London

"I'm dead stupid as well. I wrote in my diary that I hate Radiohead because they're too clever and I wish I was clever. I envy the way they write and make music. But it's good to be stupid. Intelligent people look at too much, whereas stupid people see one thing clearly." - Fran Healy

"LA's like Blackpool with guns," - Andy Dunlop "It should be called Healywood, then I'd think of moving here. I think San Francisco's amazing though. And it's got my name in it. Francis." - Fran Healy

"Radio's the most important medium. Bands are a medium for songs to get out, and radio's more important than bands, 'cos radio can play the songs to 30 million people a week. We cannae do that." - Dougie Payne

"I'd sacrifice my life for Travis." - Fran Healy

"I don't give a fuck whether Mogwai like Blur or not. If you don't like something, don't fuckin' listen to it. Go buy another album." - Andy Dunlop