Travis The Men Who - Guitar Chords

She's So Strange

Daug Daug* G G/F# Em C
Cmaj7 D Dsus4 Dsus2 Am

1st verse
Daug   Daug*
She's   so    strange

         G/F#       Em
And she wore a black moustache

G          G/F#                 Em
 And she pil - fered all the pet - ty cash

C     Cmaj7        D             Dsus4  D  Dsus2  D   C
 She went___ to Bir - ming - ham

C         Cmaj7       D          Dsus4
 She'll soon___ be in___ the can

2nd verse

Daug   Daug*     G
She's    so    cruel

        G/F#	        Em 
And she knew just what to do

C                G/F#          Em 
 And while the cats were all sniffing glue

C       Cmaj7          D       Dsus5  D   Dsus2  D
 They played their silly games

C     Cmaj7              D         Dsus4
 And now___ they'll take the blame

3rd verse

D  Daug   Daug*   G
   She's   so   poor

         G/F#       Em           
And only now she's looking back

G                G/F#
 She sees her sto - ry on a paperback

C           Cmaj7      D         Dsus4  D  Dsus2  D
 What will be  -  come___ of her

C                Cmaj7      D         Dsus4
 There's not much     left___ for her


C   Am   C   D Play 2 times

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